Bad: lest we forget, there is still a need for change

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  • Whilst voting in record numbers for Obama, Californians voted yes for Proposition 8 which eliminates gay marriage rights and states marriage is only recognised if between a man and a woman.
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  • Republican congress woman Michelle Bachmann, the crazy lady, who believed that Obama “may have anti-American views” and called for the Media to start a McCarthyesque investigation into anti-American sentiment amongst Congress members, still won her seat.
  • McCain’s concession speech was pretty gracious and dignified, yet he’s created an atmosphere of fear and anger that he can’t control and his audience continually booed when Obama’s name was mentioned.

Great Day: President Elect Barack Obama

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Well done America, a historic day for the world.

I cried at his speech and am allowing myself to believe, ever so tentatively, that there will be real change.

A smart, educated, calm man is in the White House.

Bring on 20th Jan 2009 and please let this be the start of the world getting back on track.


good: cover songs

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Antony and the Johnsons cover of Beyonce’s Crazy in Love makes my heart want to break, his voice is so achingly sad. I hope he releases this properly but in the meantime:

bad: peaches geldof

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It’s not that she’s annoying, it’s not that she seems talentless, it’s not her sense of entitlement, it’s not that she went from being poor Paula’s daughter to being unbearable, it’s the fact she has absolutely no self awareness about how rude, clueless and unbelievably lucky she is.

A senior MTV boss called her ‘a monster’ for her behaviour during a new reality show. Its got to be pretty bad when the channel that has commissioned a show off your dad then calls everything you say ‘horrendous’. (I watched she’s really horrible).

But this will not humble Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof. The self-belief and total confidence she and in fact all the other mix and match offspring (Daisy Lowe, Kelly Osbourne, Kimberley Stewart, Jade Jagger etc) seem to have is at the very least impressive. However when did these people not only get to have inherited wealth, privilege and access but also a license to fill our TV screens, newspapers and clubs?

Believe me though Peaches is crap now, that won’t stop her being given more and more opportunities and unless she’s totally stupid she’ll one day get good at being a TV presenter/writer/dj/journalist/editor/model/whatever and then the story will be that she always stood out for her talent.

The ever wonderful and talented writer Marina Hyde had this to say in the Guardian about Peaches’s new role at New York Magazine Nylon.

And because one magazine is never enough, Peaches also has her own soon-to-be-published rag, the establishment of which MTV chronicled in a new genre best summarised as coach-crash TV. Car-crash doesn’t begin to cover it.

She also links to Peaches’ column for Nylon which I can’t bring myself to link to. It’s. Awful. Really. Really. Awful.

Good: Jamie Oliver

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I pretty much agree with this article in today’s Guardian questioning the dislike of the young wealthy cook (there is a hint to the answer there).

Aside from the other famous chefs the article mentions, there are lots of wealthy famous successful people who aren’t spending their time trying to effect change in society. Of the many people worth knocking, I don’t think Jamie Oliver is one of them. Though I doubt he and the lovely Jools are worrying too much about the criticism, I just want to say leave Jamie alone and go cook something from scratch instead.

Bad/Good: wallowing

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not sure if this is good or bad…please feel free to tell me.

I’ve been struggling with depression recently. Normally I’m a big believer in keeping busy and faking it until things get better but for the first time in a long while I decided that I wanted to wallow in it for a bit.

Mainly because I could only be busy through my own self motivation and in my depressed state I just didn’t have it in me.

Lying in bed  works sometimes because eventually after a while you kind of have to pull yourself together – but the while might be anything from a week to…well years… Its like smoking out the toxins.

So these past two weeks I’ve been lying in bed, not sleeping much but generally avoiding human contact. Watched a lot of television, films and caught up with some online reading. Being busy in this case was keeping my mind occupied, stimulated with content anything so as not to give my head free time to think or have time to wander to places I didn’t want it to.

So even though I’m currently really depressed I’m giving myself time to be that way and now I feel like I’m coming out the other end. I haven’t beaten myself up about lying in bed not doing anything, wasting time, being alone and feeling like the gloom will never end…and it seems to be working.

good: busy

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being busy is great. its got to be the right sort of busy though. having things to do, plans to plot and a sense of control over your life, distracts from the stress, the impending sense of doom and the dark thoughts in your head.